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Be Adventerous

Be adventerous. It's a no-brainer.

Stand out in your market and increase engagement, sales and market share.

Branding and logo design is at the heart of what we love doing - we want to see your business have the best fighting chance in a busy, saturated world.

Logo Design

Make that first impression count. We work closely with clients and value your feedback, outlining the best approaches that suit your business purpose and will appeal most to your customer. Logo design is what we love and we do it well.

Brand Guidelines

From the visual language to tone-of-voice, we provide a clear and concise brand document with our higher tier branding projects. Each document is tailored to your specific needs, so we won't pitch you useless offerings that won't benefit your business directly.

Stategy Consultation

We offer bespoke packages tailor to your industry. Get in touch today with one of our expert Team Members to help you create a cleaner, safer space for your environment.

Brand & Marketing


Social Media Templates

Anchor that brand in your customer's mind.

Futher Marketing Support

Our head office is currently located in Accra, Ghana with another opening up soon in Nigeria. We love visitors an
An amazing brand

Isn't just a logo.

A brand defines a  personality to your clients, it is a visual language.

It captivates, impacts and makes a statement without, well, saying anything at all! We are continuously absorbing design elements within our culture - learning subconsciously which brands are friendly, which are luxurious, what industry they are in and which to trust to spend our money on. A lot can be said in a quick glance.

We pride ourselves on working closely with clients looking to navigate this journey in brand expansion!

- Logo Design & Development
- Branding Documentation
- Brand Support: Business Cards, Print Design and Web.
- Supporting Brand Photography & Videography
- Further Marketing Collateral &  Advertising

Feeling curious? Get in touch today for a free consultation!

Studio Blue work closely with you to develop the best approach to your business, providing controlled alternatives and ideations for you to compare.

There are a wide range of flexible and tailored services based on your budget.  

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The Safehouse (A cocktail bar) logo: two kets crossed with the initials "S.H."
Featured Design (Left to Right):

(Top) WARO: Wobbling About & Rocking Out Branding guideline document. (2018) (Below) Yoda Health & Environmental Solutions sector specific flyers (2020), Accra, Ghana. Francis Malcolm Branding Collateral (2019), Hull, United Kingdom. Crafty Skull & Co Logo (20210 Hull, United Kingdom. Cooked Illustrations Logo Design (2019) Cardiff, Wales. Obi One Strength (2019), London, United Kingdom
Graphic Design
Graphic Design
Project 2
Web Design
Project 3
Web Design
Project 4
Graphic Design

Previous Brands

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Example Case studies:

Logo & Branding

Middle Child

Studio Blue Creative had the fantastic opportunity to work on an exciting branding project for Middle Child, a beloved local theatre  company known for fantastic gig theatre, writers workshops and amazing pantos.


King of the Scrapes

We had so much fun imagining this project for Joe, providing a tight and recognisable brand with a Webflow build one page website that prioritises simple navigation in a sleek format.