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" We had no clue what kind of brand design we wanted. Studio Blue provided concept brand designs to help identify a design path to follow. Jessy was open to our requests and offered useful advice to help narrow down a brand design we are happy with. She also went over and above to provide us with brand guidelines to ensure our marketing remained consistent with our brand design. Highly recommend Jessy from Studio Blue."


(Please note. This exhibition may contain potentially triggering subjects and as such, we have added trigger warnings where needed to each piece.)

he exhibition aims to tackle negative misconceptions around the subject of sex, exploring the honest perspectives of a range of different people. From kinks, to mobility disability, to sex work, we welcome you to a safe space. Engaging and vivid photography explores taboo or lesser-known topics of a sexual nature with the imagery inviting you into the conversation. The next exhibition will be hosted by Brew, Hull and will the additional works of Francesca Chambers and a live DJ set from Make Noise.

The show will be on the 26/5/2022 and starts at 7pm. This will be a free event, but please be mindful that spaces are limited to first come first serve.

As this is an on-going project, we are always looking for new interviews to feature. All interviews are always anonymous, we value anonymity. If  your interview is featured, we may contact you to work together on how to best represent the story, something that is very important to us.

This project is also safeguarded and supported by Yorkshire Mesmac, one of the UK's oldest sex clinics.

Are you interested in getting involved? We are always looking for experiences to share. We take great lengths to handle the processing correctly. We also work alongside our interviewees to find the best manner of representation visually. All interviews remain anonymous, please follow the guidelines on our webform to share your story:
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